Management Authentication Providers Ping For Customer

Management Authentication Providers PING4C. #MC-KB19

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: December 20th, 2021

The new Authentication Providers (LDAP, Azure and Ping) will give the administrator the option to authenticate the agent using SRW/TK machines against one of these Identities, prior to launching the application. That way the ThinScale Team has added another layer of security whereas a user has to fully authenticate against an Azure AD or a Ping Authentication in order to fully launch SRW or TK.

Additionally, the admin can use the below option to rename the device which authenticates with one of the below Providers, inside the management console.

Note: rename a device using Ping is currently not supported

Note: ThinScale is not in control of any of the settings in either Azure or Ping.  So please talk with your Administrator for more info.

Ping Provider (Ping for Customer)

Client Id and Tenant Id (ENVIRONMENT ID)


Redirect URI, Client Secret, Scopes & Auth Method



Base Uri (ISSUER)


Please use the ISSUER Uri omitting the final /as. This will be automatically retrieved from the SRW/TK client.