Duplicates devices

Duplicates devices. #MCCI-1

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: February 14th, 2023


A device with a version number of is adding itself multiple times.


Please download the latest version of the Management Console or alternatively check our Release Notes for more details.

Additionally, if an upgrade cannot be performed, you can use the PowerShell module to automatically delete the device into consideration.

Step 1 - Install the module using the Management Console.

Step 2 - Once installed launch a PowerShell window and use this command:

$interface = Connect-TSTMGMTServer -uri "http://yurserver/TSTMgmt" -username "Administrator" -password "xxxxxxx"

$allData = Get-TSTMGMTAllData -interface $interface

foreach ($device in $allData.Devices | Where-Object {$_.DeviceName -eq "YourDeviceName" -and $_.ProductVersion -eq ''})


    Remove-TSTMGMTObject -interface $interface -objectId $device.ObjectId -objectType 'Device'

Refers to this article for more information about PowerShell commands.

Applies to :

Management Console 4.0.32 and below