Management Console: Device Reporting

How to manage and export device events in the Console. #MC-KB16

Written by Ines

Last published at: May 19th, 2021

Device Events


In order to utilize the Reporting to its full extent, it is necessary to have the appropriate logging settings in the Device Properties or Individual Folder Properties.

The settings should either contain the collection of all logs or selected logs:


1) Select the folder for which member devices you would like a report on.

NOTE: If you have several subfolders, the higher up in hierarchy you go, the more devices you will include in the report.

2) Navigate to the Reporting tab and click Events

You can filter the events immediately if you'd like by used the Search box on the right before exporting: 

You can further filter the view by choosing a start and end date on the right side:

Or you can export all of the events at once and filter them in Excel:

Devices Status

Should you require details on how many devices you have authenticated with your environment, you have two options.

Device Stats in the Console

If you select the Device Folder for which you're interested in seeing the status of devices, then clicking the Stats tab next to the Reporting tab, you will be able to see details on this one particular folder.

You can refer to the LastHeardFrom parameter if you'd like to see the numbers of active vs inactive devices.

If you select the root Devices folder, you will also get a breakdown of number of devices for each Device Folder you have.

Device Stats reporting using scripts

Thinscale Support team regularly uploads useful Powershell scripts and TSQL queries through which you can capture custom reports. One of them would the following:

The Thinscale Powershell module can be downloaded from the portal.