Management Console Package Creator

This article will guide you through the creation of a software package. #MC-KB4

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: May 5th, 2021

Package Creator

The package creator tool will create a local zip file containing all the necessary installation files and metadata. 

This zip file can then be added to the Console at any time and then deployed to a specific device folder.

Note: software package added to the Parent Folder won't be deployed to the child folders.

You can find detailed tips inside the Package Creator by hovering your mouse cursor over the text


Name of the package that will be displayed in the Management Console


Name of the package publisher that will be displayed in the Management Console


Description of the package that will be displayed in the Management Console


The version of the package that will be displayed in the Management Console

Install Files

Install files are files that will be added to your package ZIP file and deployed when the package is installed.

The list must contain every file required by the package installation VB script.

  • To add new files right click on the list view to bring up an Add/Edit/Remove context menu.
  • The pre-install tests are optional. If you don’t enter any the Install VBS script will run by default on the device. If you enter any pre-install tests, these will be evaluated on the device to see if the condition is met, if it is then the Install VBS script will run.
  • You can create and manage packages separately from the Console. Whenever you are ready to add it please follow the next steps.

Example of a package that copies an image to a specific folder.

Give it a name a publisher and a description.  Optionally, you can also restart the client if the option Reboot Required is checked 

Add the file/image/doc that you want to copy over to the ThinKiosk client.

Add a pre-install test. Give it a name and select a test type between Registry or File.

Registry :

File : 

Please note: file size is in Bytes

For this example, I will be choosing File and I will pass the Path where the checks will be executed.

Let's create a condition which has to be met before the package will be executed:

Click "Insert" and add a condition. 

This expression will check if the file I'm deploying exists in the Path previously specified, and if it is not there (false) then the package will be deployed to the ThinKiosk.

Let's run the Test. (PS. I don't have the file in this machine, hence the test will give us a result = False)

The last step is to create a VBS script that will deploy the package for us:

Once done, you can either click "Save As..." to save the package locally, or manually add the package into the Software Package node inside the Management Console.

Once the Package is assigned to the Software Package Tab, the missing step is to add it into the folder where the devices are located.

Once done, select the Device/s and use the Refresh Profile option. Depending on the setting you have enabled in your profile (Software Package Installation) a restart of the ThinKiosk/SRW may be required.

Example of a Workspace App Package 64b


On Error Resume Next

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

objShell.Run "CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent", 0, True


Example of a Workspace App Package 32b


Check our example package here