Management Console Step-by-Step Installation

This article will outline step-by-step the ThinScale Management Console installation. #MC-KB3

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: September 20th, 2023

Note: Installation must be performed by a user with administrator privileges.

Before installing the Management Console, make sure you review the Management Server Step-by-Step installation as that step is required prior to the Console Installation.

Click Next and Accept the License Agreement

Click Next

Click Install

Click Launch the ThinScale Management Console

When the console is first launched, a 30 days trial License will already be applied, however, if you possess an Enterprise License click Install Licence from the ribbon bar.

Job done!!!

For more info please review this article which will explain in more detail every single Management Console Tab and Options.

Next step is to install the client software.

Please review the ThinKiosk step-by-step installation article for more info.

Note: by default, ThinKiosk/ Secure Remote Worker/ IntelliPerform will use, if not specified, the default site and the machine will be redirected into the Default Device folder.

To specify another folder, please review the Folder redirection article for more info.

For more info on how to install a Secure Remote Worker or IntelliPerform product review the articles.