Management Virtual Disks

Management Virtual Disks. #MC-KB21

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: January 27th, 2022

Virtual Disks

 Before you start creating the Disk make sure that your server has these 2 features enabled:

Virtual Disks are required by Home Edition Operating Systems when the Dual Persona or Temporary Storage features are enabled in your ThinKiosk or Secure Remote Worker profiles.

The same virtual disk can be assigned to multiple device folders, but a separate disk is required for Dual Persona and Temporary Storage if both technologies are enabled.

Simply create a new virtual disk, select a name, size, volume label and optionally an encryption password



Assign to the folder where your devices are and select a type

Right-click Assign Virtual Disk 


Select the Disk and select the Type


 Note: A Virtual Disks cannot be created on a Home Edition OS even when the Console is opened as an administrator