Update to the new PowerShell Module

Update to the new PowerShell Module

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: December 21st, 2020

The new 5.0 Management Platform is shipped with a new and more powerful Powershell Module.

This Module is now moved to an external MSI installation and can be used on any machine you want and not necessarily the machine where the Management Console is installed, giving you more freedom and control.

If the previous Module was installed for all the user, there is nothing that has to be changed from a configuration point of view, as the new installation will update everything for you. 

However, if the previous Module was installed on a user-specific level, then deletion of this folder must be performed before the installation of the new PowerShell MSI.

To download the new Powershell Module, login to the ThinScale Portal and select Product Downloads. 

Applies to :

All version of the ThinScale Management Server/ Console 5.0 or higher