New Validation Tool 6.2.x

New Validation Tool 6.2.x

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: March 9th, 2021

The new validation tool now requires a direct connection from the Server, using the Management Server URI and the Management Server site details, exactly like an SRW machine.

For testing purposes, you can run the new validation tool using a command line or if that is not the case, simply create a new single-click installation from the portal.  

Method 1: CMD 

SecureRemoteWorker.ValidationTool.exe MGMTURI=http://yourserver.domain/tstmgmt MGMTDEFAULTSITE=1

MGMTDEFAULTSITE=1 to use a Management Console Default Site

SecureRemoteWorker.ValidationTool.exe MGMTURI=http://yourserver.domain/tstmgmt MGMTUSERNAME=srw MGMTPASSWORD=xxxx 

MGMTUSERNAME and MGMTPASSWORD to use a Management Console Custom Site

Click enter. The new Validation Tool will run and if the new Access Policies, settings are enabled a brand new UI will be displayed.

Method 2: Single click Installer

Click on the link generated and download the single-click installer.

Once done you will see the UI displaying the chosen image.

The result will be the same as the cmd results above and they will be displayed inside the Management Console.