Folder Redirection during installation (Prior to 7.0)

This article will outline the required step to re direct a ThinKiosk device into a specific folder. #TK-KB5

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: December 15th, 2022


This article explains the use of Sites, which have been replaced by Access Keys after 7.0 versions. For a more recent guide pertaining to the latest versions, please see the following article:

Folder Redirection during installation (After 7.0)



To create a custom site, open the Management Console and from the Site Tab right-click and select New Site.



Once the Custom Site is created, check the option "Enabled", check the option "Allow unknown devices to authenticate" and simply set the target folder to the desired one. 



For more info about silent command and redirection please search for TK-KB4, click ThinKiosk Silent Installation or alternatively use the Step-by-Step installation guide.