ThinScale Products Updates

ThinScale Products Updates

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: August 1st, 2023

 Welcome to the "ThinScale Products Updates Page".

You will find below all the newly released features for the Management Console, ThinKiosk, Secure Remote Worker, ThinScale VDA and  IntelliPerform software.

For more specific information and versioning number, check the "Related Articles Section".

Log4j Information

It is important to outline that the ThinScale Platform is not in any way affected by the Log4j vulnerability.

"ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker"     

-  AEP, AMP, DEP, AEP Offline, SEP more information can be found here

- Dual Persona

- Temporary Storage

- Virtual Disks Support for Home Edition

- User Session Password Support

- Share Drive Support

- Web Shortcut Support

- Write Filter implementation, only applicable to Secure Remote Worker

- Proxy Settings

- Chrome engine support

- Systray Implementation

- Native support for WVD, please take a look at the deep knowledge blog for more info.

- Registry key filter implementation, you can now add any specific registry keys using the profile editor

- Access Policy

- Profile Validation

- Dynamic Watermarking (using windows system variables)

- Resource Searchbar

- Windows Patching Management 

- Firewall Control Management

- Windows Security Center Detection

- Virtual Machine Detection

- Anti Virus Definition Detection

- Anti Spyware Definition Detection

- Wifi Detection

- USB mass storage device blocking

- Personalized user passwords, only applicable to Secure Remote Worker

- Whitelist and Blacklist URLs

- Browser multi-tab implementation

- Support for UWP Application

- Support for Magic Filter for AWS Workspace, Horizon View,  Citrix Receiver and WVD

- Scripting functionality

- LDAP Integration

Support for 4k display, DPI scaling, Duplicate, Extends and Identify

- Support for ThinScale VDA, you can read more about the VDA from here.

- New device readiness tool, more info can be found here

- Screen Capture Implementation

"Management Server and Console"      

- New User Assignment - Click here if you'd like to have more info 

- New Access Key - Click here if you'd like to have more info

- New Virtual Disks Support for Windows Home Edition -  Click here  if you'd like to know more

- Authentication Providers - Click here if you'd like to download the ThinScale Management Console Admin Guide.

- Notification Filter -  Click here  if you'd like to know more

- Ability to disable/uninstall devices from the Management console 

- New Logs granularity retention option, you can choose what logs you want to save into the db

- Support for WVD connector, please take a look at the deep knowledge blog for more info.

- New Powershell Automation Module (external msi), a module that all the Powershell Guru will love. You can perform any actions on the management console, UI free. Helpful for mass device actions, automated tasks and more.

- Create Software packageshas never been easier. Simply use the "Package Creator" functionality to add the needed dependencies and pre-install tests and start the deployment. You can now have per machine-based or per-user based software packages. More info can be found here.

- Client Migration Helper functionality lets you create easily and hassle-free, registry keys or startup scripts to move a client from one server to another

- Email Notification will help you control even further every action that has been performed on a Management Console or a Device.

- User and Roles delegation, let you decide what type of access a particular user have in regards to the Management Console. Useful to limit access to a group of users where access to the Console is needed but with limited capabilities.

- Support for the ThinScale VDA, you can read more about the VDA from here.

Authentication Providers, allows IT admins to authenticate SRW/TK agents against Azure, Ping, and LDAP.

- Access Keys, (post 7.0) replace the existing site functionality, allows for different devices connecting via different access keys to require different credentials, and can be registered to different device folders.

- Site functionality, (pre 7.0) lets you deploy a single device or a batch of devices into a specific location. Check this article for more info.

- Device Events reporting tab, lets you have a granular view of whatever happened on the chosen device, from an application being launched to a link clicked.

- Custom Device Notes, lets you write any notes on a device level. Easy for keeping track of special configuration or department.

- Custom SQL connection properties, lets you create custom properties common to all data flow components.

- Profiles Encryption, for greater security.

- Audit Logs lets you control, search and filter any action performed inside the Management Console. 

- Logs Retrieval, is a useful tool to use when unexpected errors might occur. Simply right-click a device or a server, to collect logs that the ThinScale Team might need for troubleshooting purpose.


- Support to monitor disconnected or inactive session

- Support to monitor minimized or foreground processes

Support to monitor browser URLs

- Support to monitor processes title window

- Set I/O Priority functionality

- Set CPU Priority functionality

- Set Max CPU % functionality 

- Set CPU Reduction functionality

- Set Core Affinity functionality 

- Stop and Restart processes functionality 

- Execute a process functionality

- Rules applied on a specific time of the day

- Maximum working Set Size functionality

- Flush working Set functionality

- Set Memory Priority functionality

- Set Memory Working Set Reduction functionality

- Option to send Systray Users Notification 

"ThinScale VDA"  

- Display the client wifi icon on the VDI session functionality  

- Display the client battery level icon on the VDI session functionality 

- Exclude/Include user's group functionality

- Deny/ Allow VDI session Logon/Disconnect/ Reconnect functionality