User Assignments

User Assignments configuration

Written by Matija

Last published at: September 15th, 2022

User Assignments, introduced with 7.2.41 version, provides administrators more flexibility and control over assigning profiles and software packages to specific users by utilizing the group ID/s of the Authentication Providers, thus eliminating the need to move people and devices within the console folders manually.


A user who is a part of “Sales ID”, will receive a profile A and software package B, while a user who is part of “Marketing ID” will receive a profile C and a software package D.

Creating a new User Assignment takes only a few clicks, with the main difference being Unique Identifier, dependant on the Auth Provider used. 

To start, right-click on User Assignments within the console, and select "New User Assignment".
Give it a desired name, add description if needed, and add your Unique Identifier respective to your Auth Provider

If you're using Azure Auth Provider

The unique identifier will be the groups Object ID in your Azure Active Directory:


If you're using Okta Auth Provider

The unique identifier will be Okta's, which is displayed in group's logs, or as the last part of the URL once you navigate to the groups list:


If you're using Windows Authentication Provider/LDAP

The unique identifier will be the group name in your local Active Directory, and needs to be inserted in the following format:


Once you are happy with your Group Members set up, all that's left to do is to assign the appropriate Profile and Software Packages: