ThinScale Console Email Notifications

This article will outline how you can set up email notification from the ThinScale Management Console. #MC-KB8

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: September 13th, 2023

Every action performed on the console or every device events can be monitor through email notification within the Management Console.

To enable this option you need to Enable Email Functionality from the Global Settings option.


Once done, click on the Notifications tree list and select "New Notification".


Give it a Name, an Email address where you want to send the notification too, a frequency and a type.

You can choose between Console Audit, Device Inventory, and Device Events.


Example: "Console Login" will send an email every time a user logs in into the Management Console.

To receive "Device Inventory" or "Device Events" email notifications assign newly created Email Notification to the Device Folder\Notifications as shown on the screenshot below: