Add bookmarks to Chrome

Add bookmarks to Chrome

Written by Ines

Last published at: March 21st, 2022

Adding the bookmarks to Chrome needs to happen via Additional Registry Key that you set up on the Profile.

So first we need to enabled the Bookmarks bar by adding one registry here like so:

  • Hive: HKCU:\\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\BookmarkBarEnabled
  • Type: Reg_DWORD
  • Value: 1


After that we can start adding the bookmarks you require.

Per Google's article, we have to place the bookmarks into two folders like so:

To do that, we have to add the Managed Bookmarks registry key that will contain a list of Bookmarks, for example:

[{"toplevel_name": "Imported Bookmarks"},{"name": "Links","children": [{"url": "http:/","name": "Google"},{"url": "","name": "Youtube"}]}]

So we add another registry key to the profile like so, whose Value Data will contain that long snippet above: