Release Notes for ThinScale Management Platform 5.3

Release Notes for ThinScale Management Platform 5.3.

Written by David

Last published at: March 14th, 2021

ThinScale Management Platform 5.3.58 is a cumulative update and contains all updates previously released for the ThinScale Management Platform 

This release welcomes some improvements under the hood, alongside general bug fixes that will make your ThinScale Management Console experience so much slicker.

Version Number
General Availability (GA) Date
Installer File Name
5.3.58 20 January 2021 ThinScaleManagementConsole-5.3.58.msi
5.3.57 13 November 2020 ThinScaleManagementConsole-5.3.57.msi
5.3.56 30 October2020 ThinScaleManagementConsole-5.3.56.msi

New in this release: 5.3.58


- Added support for new Chromium Embedded Framework option in the profile editor (Secure Browser Tab)

  • Please note a Server update is NOT needed,  only the Management Console for existing clients.

New in this release: 5.3.57


- Add support for default site configuration in the Migration Tool
- Added support for ThinScale VDA 1.1.10

New in this release: 5.3.56


- Fixed an issue with console requests timing out

- Fixed an issue with clients requesting authorization from the server multiple times

- Added DateAdded and UniqueId to the PowerShell module

- Added the option to disable UniqueId functionality in customsettings.json
  • (please use this value inside the .json file):

New in this release: 5.3.53


- Added admin actions (Refresh Profile, Log Off, Restart, and so on)  in the Audit Logs

- Added LastUsed in DeviceInventory and Reporting Tab

- Added encryption dialog when the "Encrypt Profile" option is disabled from "Default Device Properties" or "Edit Folder" options.

- Added right-click context menu to assign Profiles, Packages and Notifications without using the Ribbon Bar

- Fixed an issue with renaming a device after searching for it.

- Improved Last Heard From DateTime sorting 

- Improved Reporting Tab with added events: Urls Blocked, USB Deny, SEP Start, AMP Blocked and DEP Blocked

- Improved Treelist scrolling performance with a large number of Folders

To download a trial of the latest release click here.