Release Notes for Secure Remote Worker 7.3

Release Notes for Secure Remote Worker 7.3

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: July 26th, 2022

Secure Remote Worker 7.3 is a cumulative update and contains all updates previously released for Secure Remote Worker.

This release welcomes some improvements under the hood, alongside general bug fixes that will make your Secure Remote Worker experience so much slicker.

Version Number
General Availability (GA) Date
Installer File Name
7.3.20 26 July 2022 SecureRemoteWorkerClient-7.3.20.msi
7.3.14 11 July 2022 SecureRemoteWorkerClient-7.3.14.msi

New in this release: 7.3.20


----- Bugs Fixes -----

- Fixed an issue with upgrading while using the Default Access Key
  • Registry Keys info was deleted during the upgrade


New in this release: 7.3.14


----- Bugs Fixes -----

- Fixed an issue with the Write Filter

- Fixed an issue while launching resources using the VMware Horizon Connector
         Resources were not launched when clicked

- Fixed an issue with renaming devices using the VMware Horizon Client
        Devices were not renamed accordingly when using the Horizon client

----- Improvements -----

- Blocked double-clicking on local application launch
         Stop the ability to launch multiple apps at the same time

Trial Download

To download a trial of the latest release click here.