License Key not applied after installation

License Key not applied after installation. #MC-CI6

Written by Giuseppe

Last published at: September 6th, 2023


When received the new license key, the clients are still showing the "License Expired" message box.


After installing the new license key using the "Install License" button within the Management console, and assigned it to the folder of your choice, a profile refresh must be performed. 

Step 1:  Use the Install Licence button from the ribbon bar

Step 2: Paste the key in the white space and click Test License


Step 3: Click Assign Licence to Device Folder and pick either the Devices root folder or a specific folder

Step 4:

Step 5 : Select the folder or the individual client's that you want the license to be applied to and click Refresh Profile.

Applies to :

All version of the ThinScale Management Server/ Console